SMECON provides extensive knowledge of experts in structural engineering including design and analysis, special inspections and forensic. SMECON has performed many structural designs of residential and commercial projects, foundation inspections and renovation, remodelling, and addition of existing structures. SMECON is also specialised in special inspections and included pre & post construction phases, framing, foundation, building permit, and engineering consultation.

SMECON is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible structural engineering services to our clients with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.  SMECON can performs structural framing and foundation inspections including: 

  • Design Engineering (Design and detail of framing plans & foundation plan for new construction and existing structures be it renovation, remodelling, and addition)
  • Engineering Inspections Pre & Post (Construction Phase Inspections Framing and Foundation Inspections for new construction during an after the construction phases in accordance to the design and construction documents if available. 
  • Forensic Engineering (Investigation of design errors and/ or construction defects for new and existing residential or commercial structures due to undesirable strength and/ or service ability of the as-built conditions.