Geophysical Exploration 

  • Seismic hazard estimates via gravity and magnetic surveys and crystal-scale refraction surveys 
  • Embankment evaluations and ripability studies 
  • Assessment of subsurface voids, faults, bedrock topography and groundwater conduits and contamination, mining and construction impacts

 Pavement Design / Pavement Management 

  • Arterials, collectors, local streets, parking areas, runways 
  • AASHTO, FAA, CDOT, MGPEC, FHWA, individual municipality design procedures 
  • New pavement or rehabilitation for flexible or rigid pavement sections
  • Pavement management program
  • Asphalt and concrete mix designs
  • Pavement subgrade improvements/stabilization 
  • Pavement evaluation utilizing falling weight deflection(FWD) and/or ground penetrating radar (GPR)