Foundation Design Recommendations 

  • Foundations include spread, continuous or pad footings, mats or rafts, post-tensioned slabs, drilled caissons, helical piers, screw piles, compacted aggregate piers, micro piles and driven piles 
  • Laterally loaded pile or caisson analysis 

Rock Slope Engineering 

  • Jointing and fracturing
  • Bedding and joint orientation
  • Joint alternation, strength
  • Rock types, RQD and percent recovery data
  • Rock slope analysis
  • Bore hole cameras/sonic analysis 

Settlement Analysis 

  • Provide settlement investigation and analysis with respect to performance on heavily loaded foundation structures, deep fills associated with commercial developments, roadway embankments and drainage structures 
  • Provide recommendations for foundation improvements or settlement mitigation 
  • Instrumentation 

Retaining Wall Design 

  • Mechanically stabilized earth walls, soil nail walls, tieback anchor walls, soldier pile walls incorporated with different types of wall facing materials, 

sheet pile walls, caisson walls, wire basket walls, gravity rock walls, combination walls 

Slope Stability 

  • Analyze potentially or existing unstable slopes, existing landslide areas using a detailed drilling program, laboratory testing program, stability analysis and geotechnical analysis 
  • Analyze in-situ measurements of soil and rock behavior via instrumentation such as pressure-meters, piezometers, inclinometers, transducers, resistivity meters and deflection measuring devices 
  • Provide recommendations for slope stabilization or propose slope construction 
  • Inclinometer / Remote Detection