Corporate Statement

 SMECON Testing Services was founded on the idea that we are first and foremost a service company. SMECON is locally owned and operated. The principals, who manage and work on our projects, share in the ownership and day  to-day company operations. Personal service and client communication are key elements at SMECON. It's this client-focused approach that sets us apart. Along with our service-oriented approach, we have maintained our impeccable project delivery standards through our highly qualified personnel. As a result, our clients consistently recognize our staff for providing outstanding professional service, and continue to request our engineers and technicians to work on their critical projects.  SMECON understands the importance of your project and strives to provide the most qualified  staff and resources to deliver on time and within budget. We value your project as a primary importance to our success in the Ghanaian Region and beyond. Thank you for considering our qualifications for your next project. We look forward to an opportunity to be part of your project team.


Service Statement

We are proud of our long-standing history and premier reputation in the industry. By choosing SMECON, you add significant experience and qualifications, including:

  •  Over a decade years’ experience in structural, geotechnical and geological engineering, construction observation and materials testing, building inspection and special inspections.
  • A commitment to provide then highest level of service, communication and technical expertise
  • An experienced staff of project managers, professional engineers, professional geologists, certified weld inspectors, building inspectors and certified engineer
  • A proud history of providing on-site laboratory services aimed to provide the most accurate and timely turnaround of critical testing data.

Our Project Approach

Our approach focuses on several critical issues in order to complete a successful project.

SMECON Team approaches each project with a primary goal of completing your project on time, within budget and exceeding your

expectations. We have a reputation for aggressively representing your interests while being able to develop technically sound and cost effective solutions with the project team. We are also known for providing practical answers, which work in the real world, not just on paper.

One of the foremost tools to facilitate teamwork between our Team members, the owner, designer and contractor is the utilization of open and timely communication. One primary role of the Team is to respond to issues that might arise during your project which potentially can increase cost, extend the project timeline or result in a completed task that does not meet your expectations.





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